Blood Love

Blood Love is the first single off Summer.

Released July 11th, 2017
Directed by Derek Bowen
Edited by Virginia Araujo
Camera by Oswaldo Toledano
Featuring Bela Yafite Larby
Production Assistant Kendra Bowen


Careful Mama

In this second video release, we let the iconic Charlie Chaplin tell us this modern day love story.

Released September 19th, 2017
Concept by Derek Bowen
Edited by Virginia Araujo
Clips from ‘Getting Ready for the Ball’, ‘Modern Times’, ‘Mabel at the Wheel’, ‘The Police’, ‘The Fireman’, ‘The Rink’, ‘Property Man’, ‘Those Love Pangs’, ‘The Kid’ and ‘Le Vagabond’.


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