Summer Cover

The June 2017 debut album Summer  brings to fans (old and new) six songs featuring the very unique voice and creative writing of Max Davis.  Produced by Derek Bowen, the EP delivers beats that play very well in the summertime sun, and they will make you yearn for Summer to be everlasting.

  1. Blood Love (2:49)  play
  2. Moment of Truth (3:21)  play
  3. Innocent (3:39)  play
  4. It’s Alright (3:51)  play
  5. Careful Mama (2:52)  play
  6. Manic Run (3:30)  play

Release date: June 21st, 2017.
Produced by Derek Bowen.

Get your copy now from BandCamp or download it from these sites:

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You can watch the first video for this release for the song Blood Love on YouTube at

And you can watch the video for Careful Mama at